ActaSATECH Journal of Life and Physical Sciences: ISSN: 15971007

Knowledge, attitude and practice of value addition among fish farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria

Authors: A Babalola D, T Akinwole O, B Osuntade O, A Sogbesan R,

Pages: (79-88 )


Many peasant fish farmers encounter difficulties in selling their products profitably, as they mostly experience exploitation from middlemen. This study was carried out to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice of value addition among fish farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was employed in selecting 132 respondents from the ADP provided list, out of which there were 120 responses (58 practicing and 62 none practicing). Data collected were analyzed and presented using descriptive statistics and t-test. Majority (77.5%) opined to be knowledgeable in Value Addition procedures with most of them (89.2%) showing interest in knowing more. The result of the paired sample, t-test, at 5% level of probability, revealed a significant difference (p=0.010, t = 2.933) between practicing and non-practicing farmers. The implication of this, the practice of value addition influenced farmer’s incomes. The study concluded that value addition is important in achieving profit maximization in fish farming and most farmers are willing to engage in the value addition practices; the most common value addition in the study area is smoking, The study therefore recommended hands-on trainings on the practices of value addition and new and other practices should be introduced for diversification.

Keywords: Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Value Addition, Fish Farming,

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