Babcock University Journal of Education ISSN: 1596-8823-0

Volume: Volume 9

Issue: Issue 1

Although education goes on in all aspect of human living, but many societies deem it fit to set up specific institutions for the purpose of education. Such all-purpose institutions use a variety of methods to promote what is considered desirable learning. In these institutions, the major concern of learners is the acquisition of approved knowledge, while the responsibility for imparting it devolves on the teacher. Thus, over the years, Department of Education, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria has addressed itself to the task of evolving new approaches to the process of teaching and learning; thus, the bold attempt of publishing the maiden edition of BUJED. It is therefore please to note that in this edition of this Journal, 13 articles relevant to the various aspects of education have been published. These articles focus attention on the relationship between the agents involved in the learning process for the effectiveness of education

Adeoye Ayodele PhD

Associate Professor of Counselling and Applied Psychology

Managing Editor

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