Babcock Journal of the Social Sciences: ISSN: 2795-3378

The Knowledge and Perception of Mental Health among Undergraduates in Veritas University, Abuja

Authors: Azorondu Abigail Agbon, Omozusi Omosefe Mercy, Habila Biliyaminu Lazarus,

Pages: (15-29 )


Mental health is important in the fulfilment of health and social wellbeing of young persons around the world. This study investigated the knowledge and perception of mental illness among undergraduate students in veritas university, Abuja. The study employed a descriptive survey method. A sample size of 350 students was used for this study. A questionnaire tagged knowledge and perception was used to obtain necessary information from the students. The study revealed that 53.4% of the respondents had good knowledge of mental health. The study also revealed that 57.4% of the respondents had a good perception about mental health. The study concludes that there is a growing awareness about the knowledge and perception of mental illness among young persons and university students. Hence, the study recommended that more mental health literacy programs for both fresh and old students should be organised to challenge any stigmas attached to mental health.

Keywords: Knowledge, Perception, Mental Health, Students,

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