Journal of Public and Allied Health Sciences ISSN: 2536-5983

Journal of Public and Allied Health Sciences

Providing Insight into Public Health Challenges through research

Aims The intent of the Journal of Public and Allied Health Sciences (JPAHS) is to produce a broad-based international journal of repute that focuses attention on public health problems, particularly, in the African sub-continent and worldwide.

Our Mission
Building public health and allied sciences leadership through Christian peer-reviewed research and education; transforming lives, impacting society for positive change.
 Our Vision
A first-class Seventh-day Adventist journal of public and allied health sciences, building servant leaders for better world.


1. Provide an opportunity for scholars to present the report of their studies carried out in various fields of public health.

2. Stimulate interest and create awareness in contemporary issues that are confounding to the public health workers globally.

3. Encourage team-work that promote better output of the various components of public health and primary health care strategies.

4. Publish first-class research work for information dissemination to the community of scholars and professionals.

Editorial Board Members

Prof. D. O. Akinboye - Editor-in-Chief 

Prof. N. O. S. Atulomah 

Prof. A. M. Amosu 

Prof. J. C. Ihongbe 

Prof. M. F. Olanrewaju 

Prof. C. O. Agbede 

Asso. Prof. O. O. Oyerinde 

Asso. Prof. E. Adejumo

Asso. Prof. B. O. Olugasa - Editorial Manager

Dr. I. Asekun-Olarinmoye - Editorial Administrator - 1

Dr. J. M. Dangana - Editorial Administrator - 2

Mr. S. S. Enitan - Business Manager


Editorial Advisers/Consultants 

Prof. G. N. D. Aja - Adventist Institute of International Studies, Manilla, Philippines

Prof. S. P. Owolabi - Babcock University, Nigeria

Prof. A. Ajuwon - University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Prof. O. Walker - Ben Carson School of Medicine, Babcock University, Nigeria

Prof. W. Alakija - Ben Carson Snr. School of Medicine, Babcock University, Nigeria

Prof. O. A. Ogundahunsi - Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria

Prof. O. G. Avwioro - Delta State University, Nigeria

Prof. I. L. Livingston - Howard University, Washington, D.C. USA.

Prof. A. Fatusi - Obafemi Awolowo University, Ike-Ife, Nigeria

Prof. S. A. Adebola - Adeleke University, Ede, Nigeria

Prof. O. Awodele - Babcock University, Nigeria

Dr. J. Ochei - Babcock University, Nigeria

Asso. Prof. C. Showumi - Babcock University, Nigeria

Asso. Prof. P. E. Omoenu - Clifford University, Ihie, Nigeria

Mr. O. A. Ilesanmi


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