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Insight: Journal of Religious Studies

Journal of Religious Studies

Insight: Journal of Religious Studies is an esteemed academic publication that features peer-reviewed research on religious ideas and practices. Widely recognized not just in Nigeria but throughout West Africa and beyond, this journal boasts contributions from distinguished authors both from within Africa and internationally. Insight maintains a profound respect for the Scriptures, interpreting them in their final form. The journal emphasizes the Scriptures’ ongoing significance in today’s world, highlighting their role in guiding the ethical framework of societies and shaping the moral basis of human relations.


Insight publishes research papers in the areas of biblical studies, Systematic theology, Comparative Religion, Christian Ministry, Missiology, Contemporary Issues, and other areas of Religion. Inter-disciplinary articles that meet the interests of the Publisher of Insight are also considered for publication.


Theodore U. Dickson, PhD


Theodore U. Dickson, PhD


Associate Editors

Prof. Adelowo F. Adetunji, Prof. Michael O. Akpa, Prof. Joseph A. Olanrewaju, Babalola James A.O, PhD, Oladosu Opeyemi, MA, Ikhane Harriet, MA


Business Manager

James A.O. Babalola, PhD

Associate Business Manager

Harriet O. Ikhane, MA

Consulting/Advisory Board

Prof. Chris U. Manus (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria), Prof. Friday M. Mbon (University of Calabar, Nigeria),Prof. Sampson M. Nwaomah (Adventist University of Africa, Nairobi, Kenya), Prof. Chun Sik Park (Sahmyook University, Seoul, South Korea), Prof. Bruce Bauer (Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, USA), and Daniel Kwame Bediako, Ph.D. (BRI Member, USA).



For submission to Insight, ensure your article adheres to the following guidelines:

  1. Language: All articles should be written in English.
  2. Word Limit: Articles must not exceed 4,500 words.
  3. Software & Formatting:
    • Type your article using Microsoft Word.
    • Utilize the Times New Roman font, at a size of 12 points, for the entire article. This includes endnotes and headings.
  4. Editing & Formatting:
    • Avoid embedding codes within your article to ensure ease of editing and formatting.
    • Initiate new paragraphs with an indentation of one Tab Space and use two Tab Spaces for block quotations.
    • To indent lines or start new paragraphs, use the Tab key. For creating new paragraphs or block quotations, rely on the Enter key. Refrain from using the Spacebar for indentation purposes.


Top of Form

For submissions to Insight, authors should adhere to the following guidelines regarding formatting and documentation:

  1. Referencing:
    • Insight employs the endnote format for references, following the Turabian style of documentation.
  2. Fonts:
    • If incorporating special fonts in your article, ensure they are embedded directly within the document.
  3. Digital Submissions & Cover Page:
    • To streamline communication with the Editorial Staff, every digitally submitted article should be prefaced with a DISTINCT COVER PAGE.
    • This cover page must feature details such as:


Full Title of the article in capital letters,

Full Names of the Author, followed by Academic Degree (s),

Academic Department and Institution of Affiliation,

E-mail Address (es),

Phone Numbers (include country code if outside Nigeria),


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