Babcock Essays on Contemporary Legal Issues ISSN: 0000

Babcock Essays on Contemporary Legal Issues

Babcock Essays on Contemporary Legal Issues

The Babcock Essays on Contemporary Legal Issues has its theme unique in the African Terrain. terrain, exploring law as it were in other disciplines particularly in the sciences and social sciences. The role of law in these sectors in Africa demands urgent consideration across the continent and more so in Nigeria being the largest country in the continent.

Law, as we all know, operates on fact of life. These facts give law its life, purpose and nourishment. Science and the Politics of Knowledge are undoubtedly relevant for discussions in all areas of law as they are in social sciences. How law interacts with science is more critical now than ever before. There are often-overlapping clusters of issues regarding: Technology, Medicine, Environment, Health, Intellectual Properties, Sustainable Development, Civil Liberties, Knowledge Systems, Economic Development, Philosophies and Methodologies.

The legal profession in Nigeria should begin to engage with scientists to tackle pressing regulatory and public policy issues. Discussions on science often lead to discussions on knowledge. Contemporary societies are indeed knowledge societies highlighting the interaction between science, knowledge and knowledge production which is fundamental to all societies regardless of their level of development. Thus it is about time lawyers, scientists and social scientists examine the inevitable nexus between law and science across various fields of knowledge.

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