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Volume: Volume 19

Journal of International Politics and Development

The editorial team of JIPAD is delighted to bring you, volume nineteen of our highly regarded journal, JIPAD. After the delay in the release of volume 18, number 2, occasioned by the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, we bring volume 19, numbers I and 2, together. I am indeed delighted at the unflinching dedication of the editorial team to maintaining the high quality for which the journal is known, while quickly adjusting to the dynamics of our new normal work environment. In keeping with our tradition, we bring you original research on burning issues of global and national significance, as our scholars try to provide viable strategies towards solving emergent societal problems, including women's rights issues, insecurity, and the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on food security, especially in Sub-SaharanAfrica, which prior to COVID- 19 had been battling with issues of hunger across many countries. On behalf of the Editorial Board, I welcome to the editorial management committee, our new Associate Editor, Dr. Aaron Ogundiwin and our Production and Marketing Editor, Dr. Goodnews Osah. Their appointment is in keeping with the commitment of the journal to continually seek to improve the quality of our delivery on all parameters. The two reputable scholars will bring their wealth of experience to bear in the execution of their responsibilities to ensure that we keep delivering the very best quality possible in our fields ofcoverage. We are not online on this portal. This will boost our readership across the globe, as Researchers from different continents can now access our journal (real time), without waiting for hard copies to be mailed to them. We will still continue to publish hard copies for authors and readers who would prefer to have hard copies.

Erratum: We also provide a Correction to the wrongly printed name of Dr. Adeniyi S. Basiru in Volume 18, No 2 of our Journal. We apologise to Professor Solomon Akinboye, Dr. Adeniyi Basiru, and all our readers for the error. Any inconveniences suffered are regretted. It was not intentional.

Ngozi Nwogwugwu, PhD. Editor

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