ActaSATECH Journal of Life and Physical Sciences: ISSN: 15971007

Determinants of farmers’ access to output markets and the effects on income; A case study of Ikenne local government area, Nigeria.

Authors: A Babalola D, Agbola Peter O, Thomas Adenaike. ,

Pages: (1-7 )


This study analyzes factors that determine farming households’ access to output markets. It also assesses the effects of the determinant factors of access of farming households to output markets on income of the farmers in Ikenne local government area of Ogun State. Primary data., using questionnaire, was collected from 59 respondents farmers in the study area and analysed using descriptive statistical analysis, logit regression and multiple regression technique. The result of the logit regression analysis revealed that cost of transportation, distance of farms to the market, access to market information and influence of cooperative societies were all factors which determined the sale of a farmer. The study also assesses the impact of these factors on their income and from the linear regression results, the distance of the farm to the output markets, the cost of transportation, the medium of sales of farm produce, access to market information and impact of cooperatives on sales of farm produce have significant impacts on the income accruable to the farming households....Therefore, policies should be geared towards providing and improving transportation facilities, roads and market information as a means of enhancing the farmers’ access to output markets which will lead to increased incomes for the farmers.

Keywords: Access to markets, farmers’ income, transport, Ikenne,

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