ActaSATECH Journal of Life and Physical Sciences: ISSN: 15971007

HIV/AIDS Preventive Measures among In-school Adolescents in a Sub-Urban Community in Southwestern Nigeria

Authors: O Asekun-Olarinmoye E, O Olajide F, O Asekun-Olarinmoye I,

Pages: (1-16 )


This study assessed the knowledge, attitude and practice of preventive measures of HIV/AIDS among in-school adolescents in a sub- urban community in southwestern, Nigeria. In a descriptive cross-sectional study design, a multistage sampling technique was used to choose the sample size from two out of three public secondary schools in the community. Data was analyzed with SPSS version 11. Frequencies and Chi- square values were generated and significance level was set at 0.05. The study revealed that there were 248 (55.1%) males and 202 (44.9%) females, median age of respondents was 17years, mean age was 16.6 + 1.2 years with majority in the age group 15-19, and males were more sexually active than females. Majority, 92.0% of the respondents were aware of the existence of HIV/AIDS; commonest source of information being electronic media though their knowledge of routes of transmission and modes of prevention of the disease was erroneous and inadequate due to several misconceptions. There was generally an intolerant attitude towards HIV infected people and many respondents will like to know their status if the test was free. There was poor practice of preventive measures among the respondents. Our recommendations include provision of free/affordable HIV counseling and screening test centers in or near secondary school campuses, inclusion of sex education in secondary school curriculum, and organization of health education/HIV preventive programmes for school.

Keywords: Preventive measures; HIV/AIDS; In-school adolescents; Nigeria,

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