ActaSATECH Journal of Life and Physical Sciences: ISSN: 15971007

Oil spills and the Niger Delta bloodlines: examining the human tragedy

Authors: K Binuomoyo Olayinka, A Ogunsola Oluseyi,

Pages: (8-18 )


This is an exploratory study that utilizes the sustainable development framework as the basis of its argument. From the deterioration of health which the Niger Delta region has experienced over the years, to the socio-economic consequences of oil spills and degradation of its environment, we find from literature review that in the face of policy failure and the non-adoption of the sustainability strategy1, the Niger Delta may be eternally submerged in poverty and under-development. With the negative impacts on the health and livelihood of the residents, a human tragedy is created. Our study also includes how oil exploration activities generally impact humans. Thus, this paper explains the socio-economic and health implications of continued oil exploration (and exploitation) with its attendant degradation effect in the absence of policies that could entrench sustainable development. We examined published data and literature extracted from journals and databases. The paper concluded that sustainable development is imperative in solving the Niger Delta development crisis with oil multinational companies at the centre.

Keywords: Niger Delta; Development; Nigeria; Oil Spill; Health,

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